Welcome to the webpage
of the Polish Society of Gastroenterology
Governing Board

The aim of the Society is:

  • unification of Polish gastroenterologists and people connected with gastroenterology to promote and represent this discipline in Poland and abroad
  • promotion of modern gastroenterology achievements
  • stimulation of research and initiation of clinical trials
  • cooperation with respective organisations responsible for health care system in Poland
  • cooperation in teaching and education of doctors

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Polish Society of Gastroenterology,

Board: Klinika Chorob Wewnetrznych i Gastroenterologii CSK MSWiA w Warszawie ul. Woloska 137, 02-507 Warszawa,
tel: 22 508 12 40; fax: 22 508 10 44

bank account: 93 1020 1169 0000 8702 0104 9253